Budwire Beta

An interesting SMS tool for Java mobiles

Budwire is an application for your mobile allowing you to message and socialise on the go! Your friends need only to have a mobile phone or access to the web!

As a smart mobile messenger and organiser, you can use Budwire to:

  • Send messages, arrange events, or take a poll straight from your mobile!
  • Ask for the responses and feedback of your friends, and have it intelligently summarised and incorporated into your original message.
  • Cheaply send SMS messages across mobile operator networks and internationally.
  • Eliminate costly calls, missed calls and phone tag!

Features include:
  • The ability to pre-select responses or to allow your friends to enter their own responses!
  • Built in 'Quick Lists' with 100+ pre-set (and editable) text entries for simple 'click-and-select' text entry.
  • Smart notification that alerts you when all your friends have responded!

Why not try it out now?

  • The Budwire application is provided free of charge.
  • Email notifications to participants are free!

An innovative SMS tool for your mobile.

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Budwire Beta

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